Document Management

NovaCopy gives you robust document management capabilities in a web-based software-as-a-service solution. Our software provides powerful document management features in an easy to deploy and cost-effective, on-demand solution.

This solution can be used by just a few people or to manage documents across the enterprise. No matter what type of documents you have to manage, NovaCopy lets you streamline your business processes and work simply.


  • You can use our solution to store and manage both paper and electronic documents and files
  • Variety of scanning options including scanning documents using compatible MFPs and securely uploading to your account
  • Scanned paper documents can be properly indexed and automatically stored for easy search and retrieval using a bar-code cover sheet
  • Automatic optical character recognition (OCR) enables full text search of information in scanned paper documents
  • Create customized "document types" that allow you to categorize documents in a way that is relevant to your business and use the information to quickly retrieve documents
  • Advanced searching allows you to narrow your results to locate the exact documents in seconds
  • Version documents, check-in / check-out for editing
  • High-volume paper document indexing and upload options
  • Compatibility with third-party document capture (indexing) software
  • Administrators can establish and manage users, groups and document permissions so the right people have access
  • Auditing capabilities produce detailed records (audit trail) on each document as well as the entire account
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